Monday, August 18, 2014

Windows 7 and its amazing features

Windows 7 is one of the top Microsoft products with over 20 million users all over the world. Windows 7 users have awarded it as the most impressive edition of Windows with swift reboot functions. Best thing about Windows 7 is that it works on low system requirements and you can easily install these windows without any trouble of waiting for hours. Modern PC’s like Core 2 duo and higher has shown great performance with this version of windows.

Top features of Windows 7:

Windows 7 offers high resolution graphics and super fast speed to the users making it easy for them to run establish their day to day tasks with great functionality. The overall performance of the windows 7 is perfect for any type of business or office use and yet it offers lots of new utilities for the home users.

Full 64 bit Resolution:

No more low profile display with Windows 7. This new version of Windows offers high quality 64 bit PC using experience. The full screen display and high quality moving wallpapers makes this Window a perfect edition for home users. Windows 7 includes lots of thumbnails and wallpapers for the users so that you can customize your PC according to your taste.

Play House:

Windows 7 is not a boring edition for office but it also offers some built-in entertainment features for the users. You can enjoy 3D games like Solitaire and Chess free with your new Windows 7 copy.

Touch options:

Now Windows 7 offers one step ahead PC using experience. If you have some latest touch screen machine then you don’t have any need to keep your keyboard and mouse along with you. Just use your fingers to explore, type and submit.

Improved performance:

Windows 7 is a fully updated version of windows with extended PC performance. Now the game is of seconds. Just click over sleep, restart or shutdown button and it will be done right away!

Free Windows 7 license:

There are many people online who always look forward to using a free copy of Windows 7 and they search online for windows 7 cracked version. Well there are many way in which you can obtain a free windows 7 activation. The first and best way is to find Windows 7 activation crack online. There are many software websites which offer high quality and reliable Free Windows 7 cracks for all users.

Once you download a crack, you need to install Windows 7 and then use the crack for registration process. Most of the cracks given online are free and this can be a great help for you to enjoy Windows 7 free license package.

Get a DVD with serial:

If you are not smart enough to grab free Windows 7 key online then you can get a DVD from market that offers a free version of Windows 7. Most of the DVD packs have a valid Windows 7 registration key printed over them and you can use that key when PC demands Windows 7 registration key. There are other ways to use a free Windows 7 trial as well. You can check online for how to crack windows 7 as well. Stay tuned for more updates and free methods to use Windows 7.